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Sandy M. Jones

Sandy M. Jones

Thirty-six years ago, I married an Atlanta Native, moved here and needed a job. I eventually went to work as a Sales Associate at Charles Willis, a gift and fine jewelry store, helping prospective brides choose china, etc. for their bridal registry. That took courage, as my Mother-in-law was in charge of the fine jewelry. I was fortunate enough to learn how to string pearls while working there, and two years later, I started my jewelry business as a pearl stringer. Fast forward 33 years later, and now I find myself the Resident Jewelry Designer at Charles Willis!

There is no secret that I adore jewelry. From the time I was a little girl, I entertained a fascination with sparkly trinkets. So how does that translate into opening a retail store? The love of working directly with clients was only available to me as a wholesaler during trunk shows. I enjoy matching a client to the right gem that fits her needs and personality.

The desire to serve people is deeply embedded in my soul. One avenue I have chosen to pursue is to assist clients sort out the jewelry they already have, but don’t use. Don’t get me wrong, I love to sell jewelry. All ladies have jewelry that is: out of date; broken; forgotten in the back of their drawer; something they received as a gift but really did not like; inherited a piece that does not fit their current lifestyle; in other words, just not used.

I can’t stand waste, so I wish to assist my clients rediscover the beauty and joy that these recycled, redesigned and reworked pieces can bring them. When a piece of jewelry is first put on, it should make the wearer feel beautiful, empowered and special. If it was given to her from the great love of her life, she will be reminded of that love each time she picks it up to wear. If she purchased it for herself, she experiences empowerment and satisfaction.

I wish to reawaken those sentiments a client has experienced. No other gift elicits the emotional response that a gift of jewelry prompts. The desire to guide gift givers to choose jewelry that the receiver will love, not just tolerate, is also a goal. Jewelry may be enjoyed by everyone, regardless the price point. It brings a smile to her lips and a bounce to her step. That joyfulness causes my soul to sing!!!

Jewelry can make a difference in your life because of the memory and emotion a piece of jewelry evokes. I want a woman to feel joy when she wears a certain piece/pieces of jewelry. Each piece is tied to a particular memory and emotion. A woman wearing beautiful jewelry exudes confidence and self assurance. I strive to personally care for each client, listen to their needs and create a visualization of that particular need or desire. I want to become her family jeweler and help her and her family create special memories connected to life’s milestones.

A woman should smile every time she puts on a piece of jewelry. When she clasps that necklace or puts on that ring, a wife will fondly remember the occasion she received it from her husband or the the time that she treated herself to that treasure. The care and personal touch given to each and every customer/client, results in their coming back time after time after time to celebrate their life events.