Welcome to the Sandy Jones Jewelry Blog Pearls of Wisdom. Every week I will explore a different topic related to my jewelry boutique inside of Charles Willis and the jewelry industry as a whole. Some of those topics will be:

  • Birthstone of the Month
  • Metaphysical Properties of Gem Stones
  • Exciting News in the Jewelry Industry
  • Tips for Cleaning and Caring for your Own Jewelry
  • Following me as I find new and interesting Raw Materials for my Latest Designs in Gold, Platinum and Sterling Silver at Trade Shows
  • Fun Jewelry Facts
  • Discovering Auction Purchases from Around the World to augment our Estate Jewelry
  • All about our Bricks and Mortar Store in Atlanta
  • Questions I will ask you, the readers, to respond to, letting me know your opinions
  • And even a bit about me

Sterling Silver Chain accented with freeform flat pink Chinese Freshwater Pearls.



Each week, called Sandy’s Pick, I will highlight a new one of a kind piece that has found a home at my store. It could be a new Estate find or one of my own pieces.

This week’s pick is a pink/lavender Chinese Freshwater Pearl Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain pictured, part of the Sandy’s Serendipities Sterling Collection.

This piece is easy to wear and will go with about anything in your wardrobe. If wanted, there also is a pair of matching leverback earrings available.





Of all the different gems in jewelry, pearls are the most universal. Almost every lady has at least one piece of pearl jewelry.

This week’s question is: What was your first piece of pearl jewelry, where did it come from, and why did you receive it?

  •    Was it a gift?
  •    Was it something that you picked out?
  •     Was it an inherited piece?

My Answer

I wanted a pair of pearl stud earrings. When my ears were pierced, my grandmother’s diamond studs were inserted into the hole and I wore them for about two months untill my ears healed. My family went to the New York World’s Fair that June of 1964.  My Mother took me for an outing to Ciro’s in New York City and we picked out a pair of 6mm white Akoya pearl earrings with gold balls for backs. I felt so grown up wearing my new pearl earrings, that were a smaller version of the ones my Mother wore almost every day!!!!

Please answer with your story at the end of this post. It’s lots of fun to see where jewelry came from, as each piece of jewelry has an untold story connected with it.


Next Week’s Post Preview

I will talk about my favorite gem and June’s Birthstone –  The Luscious Pearl!


Welcome to my World of Jewelry.

Go Forth and Sparkle!!!!!!


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