Rescue, Recycle, Redesign

Let us help you rescue your broken and forgotten pieces of jewelry that have been missing and stuck in the back of your drawer. You may also have pieces you no longer wish to use. They can be recycled into new updated pieces. These existing pieces may be reworked into a new treasure you will love. We are able to break down larger inherited pieces (that may not fit your current lifestyle) and create smaller heirlooms that you may enjoy and then pass down to younger generations.

Consultations may occur, by appointment, in person or via Skype. We will be able to show you options that may already be created, from our extensive jewelry inventory, catalogs or jewelry books. We can take inspiration from these sources that will help us redesign your new gem/gems. Sometimes, pieces have no more interest for our clients, so we can guide them to sell signed pieces, break down the components, refine the gold for cash, and then use said cash to resurrect the remaining stones/pearls into new fresh pieces.

Our retail location, as well as our extensive jewelry networks, will offer the client the ability to sell older or estate pieces. Wearing the new pieces will make you feel sexy, empowered and confident as you enjoy these new adornments.